Hullam Hostel Balaton
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How to find us

From Budapest by train:
The easiest if you take a train from 'Deli pu. on Buda side' train station direct to Revfulop. Approx. 3 hrs trip.
You can check out the current timetable: Domestic Railway Company

From Budapest by car:
89 kms on M7 Highway then Route 71 via Balatonfured. Approx. 2 hrs drive. A useful site for drivers:

map of Hungary

From Balaton Airport (Sarmellek):
We are 45 km from Balaton Airport. Useful sites:
Balaton Airport Transfer
Fly Taxi
Domestic Bus Company

From the South side of the lake:
Ferry is available between Balatonboglar and Revfulop. There are 6 ferries per day in the high season. Check the timetable here: Balaton Shipping Company

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